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I participated in the a previous hackathon (dAppathon or DV Hacks: Mobility). Can I apply for DV Hacks: AI?
Sure thing! We’d love to see familiar faces back for more. However, prior participation does not guarantee future selection.
Will I be reimbursed for travel?
In order to simplify our reimbursement process, we have shifted from a reimbursement model to a stipend model for DV Hacks. Each participant that lives over 150 miles away will receive a $300 Visa gift card to assist with any expenses in traveling here, taking Ubers or staying overnight as needed. All other participants will receive a $50 gift card to help with expenses. Accepted applicants will be notified of our recommended hotels and special rates nearby.
How exclusive is the hackathon? How likely am I to be accepted?
DV Hacks receives hundreds of applications and selects between 60-70 participants. To increase your likelihood of being accepted, here are a few tips:
  1. Apply with a well-rounded team with a balance of skillsets.
  2. Show off! Don’t be shy in telling us what cool stuff you’ve built before.
  3. Diversity matters. Teams with an underrepresented group in tech on their teams will be more likely to be accepted.
Can I apply as an individual?
Absolutely! Once all participants have been selected, we will add everyone to a Slack channel. There, we ask that you talk to the other individual participants and find a team to join. We guarantee you’ll have great talent to choose from. Note that if you do not find a team before you arrive, you’ll be behind.
Can I apply if I'm not in the United States?
Unfortunately this go-around is limited to US residents. Stay tuned for more DV Hacks in other locations in the future!
Are there any prep materials I can read?
Accepted participants will be invited to a participant briefing call 1-2 weeks before the hackathon. During this session, our Strategic Design cohort will present major opportunities for AI to make an impact in the coming years. In addition to this, we’ll share other information with participants about trends and holes in the market.
I’m a designer/operator/other non-technical person. Can I apply?
Yes! At DV, we’re much more interested in building a sustainable business than just an app/bot/piece of code. We’re open to any and all applicants who want to create businesses in AI. Non-technical individuals that apply with a well-rounded team will be more likely to be selected than a solo applicant.
Why do you ask for our gender and ethnicity on the application form?
Simply put, diversity is important to us. More diverse thought = better ideas.
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About the hackathon
Calling all data scientists, designers, neuroscientists, idea people, coders, data engineers, business builders and app developers.
First DV Hacks tackled blockchain, then the future of mobility. Now, we’re looking for the next big innovation in artificial intelligence. Get your best team together and join us for DV Hacks: AI to push the boundaries of how we interact with machines, and how they interact with us.
focus areas

The experience

Why should I apply?
Spend the weekend with some of the world’s best and brightest minds in artificial intelligence
Each participant will receive a stipend to use for travel, and we provide hotels for those coming from out of town. All meals throughout the duration of the hackathon will be provided.
The top teams will take home over $20,000 in prizes, plus mentorship and opportunity for investment. As always, there will be opportunities to get more involved with BCGDV at the end of the weekend
judging criteria + prizes
There will be three prizes offered
Best Overall
  • Foundry services from BCGDV’s AI experts, future visioners, engineers and designers
  • Potential for seed investment from BCGDV or its partners, contingent on due diligence process
  • Introductions to top tier corporate partners interested in building AI
Best build
  • Awarded to the team who built the most during the weekend, including assessment of code and working product
Best pitch
  • Awarded to the team that has the best business case, is solving a real problem

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